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Wally Cup Holiday Classic 3-on-3 Hockey Tournament

The Wally Cup is a fun and competitive 3-on-3 youth hockey tournament held annually on December 26th .


The goal is for kids to have fun in a supervised and controlled environment playing a pond hockey style tournament. 


Participants compile their own teams, create their own team names and jerseys. 


No coaches or coaching allowed.


Are you good enough to win the Wally Cup?

Choose your 5 best buds, name your team and enter our 3-on-3 holiday classic tournament. Team spaces are limited. Registration is first come first serve.   

Rules and Regulations


Each team is comprised of 6 skaters & 1 goalie. Teams may not carry more than 6 skaters.


Games will be played at SkateQuest in Reston and at Loudoun Ice Centre in Sterling, VA.


Major Rule: No more than two (2) Tier 1/AAA skaters per team (not including the goalie). If teams decide to carry only 5 skaters, then they can only have One (1) Tier 1 skater on the roster!


Each age division is limited to 6 teams. Teams will be registered on a first-come, first served basis.


Full payment per team is required at registration:

  • $385 per team for Wally Cup at SkateQuest.

  • $325 per team for Wally Cup at Loudoun Ice Centre 


Wally Cup games are 10 minutes of continuous play! If a goal is scored, the team who gave up the goal can pull the puck out of the net and begin play immediately.


All penalties will result in a penalty shot! As soon as the shot is taken, the game continues. Game times may be modified should ice time become limited.


No body checking is allowed at any level of The Wally Cup.


Original jerseys are encouraged. Get creative! Teams are given preference of jersey color based on the order of registration (i.e. those registered first have preference of jersey color).


No coaches or coaching allowed

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