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Power Skating 

Loudoun Ice Centre offers power skating clinics for goalies and for players.

Please see schedule and other important details below.

DRIVE Goalie Power Skating Clinics

  • 30-minute clinics for goalies only

  • Work on strong T-pushes, shuffles, Y-drill, gauging pushes and moving quickly to point A to B under control 

  • $50 per session

  • Please check back for our next event

DRIVE Power Skating.jpg

Player Power Skating Clinics

  • 30-minute clinics for players

  • Work on position, stride, edges and speed

  • Mondays

    • 4:30pm - 5:00pm

    • $30 per session

Trudeau Power Skating.jpg

Have questions or need assistance registering for a clinic?  Email us at

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