SENSE ARENA Virtual Reality Training

Perform at Your BEST


Player VR Training

Capturing players' slap shot at 240 frames per second without markers is the state-of-the-art method of identifying exactly how the body moves during the skill and how the slap shot can be improved.

Introductory Offer

Slap Shot Motion Capture & 30 Minute Lesson = $100.00

Concussion Baseline Testing

Some sports injuries are preventable.  DARI motion capture shows athletes where their movement makes them more susceptible to injury so that the athlete can condition and train to strengthen specific areas.

Athleticism Capture & Report = $100.00

Goalie VR Training

Using our new Shooting Lab, players can work on improving their shots with or without the use of the DARI Motion Capture System.

30 Minutes Private Shooting Training = $40.00

Five Lesson Package: Two DARI Captures and Five 30-Minute Shooting Lessons = $375.00